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Moneydance Update 2014.5: a few small changes

We’re happy to announce the 2014.5 update to Moneydance, now available to download for all platforms! This is our fifth update of the year and continues to polish and improve Moneydance 2014 while we work on some big changes for 2015.More »

Mobile Moneydance: iOS and Android!

Today we’ve not just one announcement, but two! It’s exciting times at The Infinite Kind. First up, we’ve given the iOS version of Moneydance a much needed facelift. We’ve recognised for some time now that we’ve been neglecting Moneydance’s mobile offspring, and sat down a couple of months ago with a single goal of rectifying…More »

Update: Moneydance 2014.4

I’m delighted to announce the fourth update to Moneydance 2014, now available on the Mac App Store and for direct download for all platforms. This update is labeled 2014.4 and is intended to resolve problems and fix bugs rather than introduce any new features. It includes the following changes:More »

Announcing Moneydance 2014

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Moneydance 2014 is now available for our direct download customers. If you’re a Mac App Store user then you’ll be able to update your version as soon as Moneydance works it’s way through Apple’s review process; which usually is no more than a few days. If you purchased Moneydance…More »

SyncSpace 4 – Inky Lines, Private Servers and more!

Since early this year we’ve been hard at work on three major projects. Today I’m very pleased to announce that the first, SyncSpace 4, is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is a major update in which the app has been improved in virtually every way possible. First, there’s a brand new,…More »