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Announcing Moneydance 2014

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Moneydance 2014 is now available for our direct download customers. If you’re a Mac App Store user then you’ll be able to update your version as soon as Moneydance works it’s way through Apple’s review process; which usually is no more than a few days.

If you purchased Moneydance 2012 then this update is completely free; which coincidentally includes all of you Mac App Store users. Anyone who purchased an older version of Moneydance gets a whopping 50% off the retail price when upgrading through the website; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer.

Here’s a whirlwind tour of just some of the improvements this significant update delivers:

Sub-categories Now Auto-complete. For example, instead of typing Au:Fu for Automotive:Fuel, you can just start typing Fuel.

New Categories From Within Account Registers. Simply start typing, and if the app doesn’t recognise it as an existing account, category, or sub-category, you’ll be given the option to create a new category with that name.

New Search Box Capabilities

  • Currency calculator. Type any number or math expression and watch Moneydance instantly show the result. In addition, simply add any currency ID to immediately see the result of the calculation in every other currency

  • Quick transaction entry. Start typing a transaction description into the search field and Moneydance will intelligently fill in the details based on natural language data parsing and your history. For example, typing “1.23 sta” will display a transaction entry panel with the name Starbucks, category “Coffee”, and today’s date under the last account to have a transaction for Starbucks. The description, category, and account are filled in based on your history. Confirm and record the suggested transaction with a single click or use the suggested interpretation as a starting point to edit the new transaction.

  • Searching continues to work as normal, with a few tweaks. Typing any text will filter transactions in the current register, whilst searching from the homepage will search across all accounts.


  • Attach images, PDFs, and other such files to transactions by right clicking and selecting “Add Attachment”, or by dragging the image file onto a transaction
  • Once a file is attached to a transaction, a copy will be stored in the Moneydance data bundle; the original can be moved, archived or even deleted

  • A transaction can have any number of attachments of any kind. Thumbnails of graphical attachments are shown inline in the register. Clicking on an attachment thumbnail will open it in the appropriate application.

Enhanced Investment Account Capabilities

  • A brand new bank register interface. You can now interact with your investment accounts just as you do bank accounts. Enter transactions with auto-completion, categories, tags, splits and even print checks from your investment account!
  • Historical security prices are now sorted with the more recent entries at top

New Budgeting Interface. You asked, we listened.

  • We’ve design an all new budgeting interface to make saving money as easy as possible while gaining the advantages of systems such as envelope budgeting.
  • You can now rollover any unspent amounts to the next budgeting period

  • Easily enter different amounts for each month, or simply copy your budget from previous months.

  • A clean but detailed budget screen shows your overall budget position as well as your actual vs budgeted status for specific expense categories.

Other Improvements

  • Merged transactions (manually entered merged with downloaded or imported transactions) will keep the bank’s transaction date*
  • Added File->Export Backup menu to archive and compress an entire data set into a single file.

  • Added quick-search function to security selector for investment transactions

  • Added “Fiscal year to date” date range to reports and graphs


  • Loan reminders now auto-commit properly
  • New transaction control now shows the correct field labels

  • Fixed the size of the Add Payee Dialog add button on Windows

  • Fixed a bug with the Reminders Calendar

  • Opening a data set from the file system now opens properly in Moneydance

  • Data sets with an underscore in their name are now handled properly

  • Special characters in folders are now handled better

  • A cost basis error for a multi-lot stock that splits is now fixed

  • You can now download bank type transactions in investment accounts

Graph & Report Fixes

  • Advanced search OR operator now works with memos
  • Fixed double entries for sub-categories on the pie graph

  • Fixed sign errors in the Transactions report

  • Subtotal by time period no longer breaks the Transaction Filter report

  • Changed Transactions report to use the currency of the transaction in the selected account

As always, Moneydance is freely downloadable so give it a try and finally start enjoying keeping your finances in order!