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Update: Moneydance 2014.4

I’m delighted to announce the fourth update to Moneydance 2014, now available on the Mac App Store and for direct download for all platforms.

This update is labeled 2014.4 and is intended to resolve problems and fix bugs rather than introduce any new features. It includes the following changes:

  • Fix to HTTP cookie handling and added Entrust Certificate Authority, allowing connections to Edward Jones brokerage.
  • Allow bank account OFX files to be imported into investment accounts
  • Quick-entry of transactions uses the correct direction (deposit vs payment) depending upon the direction of previous transactions with the same description
  • Fixed behaviour of new-transaction action in investment accounts if the normal or bank register hasn’t yet been selected
  • When importing data directly from Quicken Essentials, use the current locale to determine the base currency
  • Drag-and-drop is now used to reorder items when editing the items in the check number list
  • Allow investment accounts (such as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) that are presented as bank accounts from OFX servers to still download
  • Run QIF import in the background to avoid freezing the UI if imports take longer than a few milliseconds
  • Account/category popover is now at least as wide as the register column that spawned it
  • Fixed layout of security selector in the security details panel
  • Fix HTTP redirection handling, which recently affected the quotes/rates extension
  • No longer show useless square brackets around tags in the split transaction window
  • Added option to use bank or local dates when merging downloaded transactions
  • Un-invert prices of downloaded transactions that are automatically added to the security history
  • Show a scaled down copy of the window instead of the app icon when minimised to the dock
  • Fixed archiving when option to only removed cleared transactions is selected.
  • Now include thousands separators in amounts on printed checks
  • Enable sub-pixel anti-aliasing in report viewer (only applies to windows)

Please download the update and let us know if you have any trouble! If you have purchased Moneydance from the Mac App Store, the update should be automatic, but we’d appreciate if you could leave a rating or review for others.