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Moneydance and File Management

Now that the mad dash involved with releasing Moneydance 2012 is subsiding, I’d like to explain some of the most significant changes that we’ve made. If you’ve been using Moneydance for a while and have an advanced workflow then you’ll have noticed that it now manages your files in a very different way. Rather than…More »

Why I love budgeting

Some personal finance blog posts are so amazing they are timeless. That’s how I feel about about Wise Bread senior writer Philip Brewer’s post from April 2010, “If Budgeting Isn’t Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong.” When our customers ask about the proper way to use Moneydance for a non-traditional function I usually offer them a…More »

Customizing my new Investment Account

I’m currently settled down in Budapest through mid-January, and given the severe weather in Europe I’m incredibly glad I don’t need to be traveling right now.  I’m enjoying the beautiful snowy weather, the lovely Christmas market, and most of all the delicious and affordable food! Being settled in and starting to look at my 2011…More »

European Budget 2.0

I’m currently in Milan, enjoying the gorgeous architecture and fabulous fashion. I could quite easily blow the rest of this months budget on clothes, and that isn’t even including the shoes! I’ve been traveling for 2 months with 4 left to go, and I feel like I’m finally getting into the rhythm of long-term travel.…More »

Vices and Surprises- How having a slush fund saved my trip

There’s an old traveling adage “Set out everything you think you need for a trip, then pack half as many clothes and twice as much money.”  I’ve definitely been following these instruction- I left the U.S. with my trusty 24 liter Eagle Creek Iver daypack and a small tote/purse.  Being able to carry my gear…More »