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Looking back- Where Moneydance in Action has gone so far

I’ve been in Europe for a little over a month and am now happily settled in Avignon for the month of November.  Staying in hotels and guesthouses for so long makes settling in novel- I can buy more food than I can eat in 3 days, I have a fully equipped kitchen, and I’ve got…More »

How much does it really cost?

I’m in Brussels today, and I’ve been on the road for 4 weeks.  I’ve visited 7 cities in 3 countries, and it’s been an exciting and wonderful ride. Moneydance support person Jon and I re-connected Wednesday in Rotterdam, and we’re off to Paris on Sunday and Avignon on Monday.  On Monday I arrive in Avignon…More »

Dealing with delayed transfers

I’m writing from sunny (or not so sunny) Nottingham, where I have a spectacular view of the castle from my hotel room.  My absolute favorite thing about England is the Marks & Spencer food hall- it’s a delightful mix of basic supplies and posh pastries with a bit of everything in between.  It reminds me…More »

Liability accounts are a real asset when traveling!

I’m still in Iceland and very much enjoying my stay in Reykjavik, although I have not once managed to spell it correctly without the help of spell-check.  Thus far my travel buddy Jon, another Moneydance support person, and I have walked along the harbor, seen what seems like thousands of beautiful wool sweaters, visited Iceland’s…More »

Making my budget dance

I’m having a lazy day in Iceland today.  My travel buddy, Jon, is off hiking up a mountain and I decided to spend the day relaxing at the guesthouse and doing some serious window shopping.  I’ve read in several guidebooks  that Icelanders are very into fashion and design.  After spending a few hours walking along…More »