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SyncSpace 4 – Inky Lines, Private Servers and more!

Since early this year we’ve been hard at work on three major projects. Today I’m very pleased to announce that the first, SyncSpace 4, is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is a major update in which the app has been improved in virtually every way possible.

First, there’s a brand new, cutting-edge vector drawing engine that renders beautiful, natural, inky lines.

We’ve completely revamped the drawing list design to use screen space more efficiently and show more of your drawings in the same amount of space, regardless of orientation.

We’re especially excited about native support for the Pogo Connect Bluetooth Smart Pen, including pressure-sensitive lines and improved palm rejection. The Pogo Connect pen support is tightly integrated with the aforementioned natural inky lines, making lines wider as you press the pen down harder.

The text tool has been completely reimplemented, including a hand-written font which makes typed text look as natural as the rest of the drawing.

You can now use your own private drawing server. If you’d like to retain control over your business’ or school’s documents, see our private server page for details.

The add-image function has been extended to enable the capturing of (full size!) web pages and maps that can then be marked up and annotated. Images can also be added from the clipboard. We’ve also added a shortcut to add the last photo taken. This makes it ridiculously easy to add screenshots and mark them up for bug reports, app design, and more.

Sharing has been expanded in this latest release, allowing the export of drawings to a large number of services and apps including Twitter, Facebook and Campfire, via email, attaching to a contact from your address book or even printing. You can also export with any app that accepts images or PDFs, such as DropBox, ClouDrop,, Instashare, Files Pro and even iBooks.

All new drawings now have syncing enabled. You are free to turn it off, but we figured that turning on syncing was a more sensible default.

This version of SyncSpace adds support for URL schemes so that it can be invoked from other apps or web pages. URL Schemes make it possible to create shortcuts to specific SyncSpace functions from external apps such as Launch Center Pro. See our URL schemes page for more information on the various functions that are available and how to invoke them.

A smaller improvement is the dedicated navigation tool which has been re-added, making it easy to avoid accidental touches when panning and zooming around a large or complicated drawing. The drawing list has also been reversed so that more recent drawings appear at the top.

If you find SyncSpace useful, please consider leaving a review or rating. It is very appreciated!