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We’re Hiring: Programmer and Customer Support

If you’ve been reading the Moneydance support forums and mailing lists you know we’re working on a lot of projects at once here at the The Infinite Kind, LLC. So many things that we need a bit more people-power to make it all happen. If you or someone you know is interested in being part of our team, now is the time to join us. We are looking for one programmer (mostly Java/Swing, but a little Objective C would be nice) and someone to help support our customers. Please click “read more” to check out the ads and contact us if you are interested.

Java/Swing Programmer

The Infinite Kind, LLC is looking for a highly motivated Java coder to work for a rapidly growing independent software company.

Successful candidates will be responsible for helping design and code user interfaces for our desktop software as well as the model and controllers that tie it all together. Obsessive attention to detail is desired on our quest to release software that people find beautiful and enjoy using.

We want someone who:

  • knows Java inside and out
  • writes custom JComponents for fun
  • can work at least 15 hours per week
  • has completed or is working on a CS (or similar) degree

The best candidates will:

  • be familiar with Mac OS X and tools like Xcode
  • be friendly with a unix command line
  • dabble with other languages (especially Objective-C and iPhone SDK)
  • be able to show their coding abilities with past projects
  • do a dance of victory after squashing the hardest bugs
  • know the difference between DSA and RSA
  • show disdain for tabs in source code
  • be familiar with lots of open source (esp. Apache Foundation) projects
  • prefer Python to Perl

You want work that:

  • lets you work in a coffee shop or your pajamas (or both)
  • will be used by tens of thousands (soon millions!) of people
  • is on a 1099 basis (contracting, not hiring)
  • lets you exercise your creative and inventive side
  • supplies you with an iPhone and sweet laptop

Customer Technical Support

Our business is growing and really needs someone to help answer questions from our customers. The job requires about 20 hours per week but there’s additional work to be done (blogging, writing documentation, etc) if you’ve got more time. You can work anywhere that you’ve got a computer and internet access. You can work in a coffee shop, your home, or an undisclosed location (no former Halliburton CEOs please). The ideal applicant can work a few hours per day so that customers get a quick response. You should have your own computer to get started but if you’re a good fit I’ll supply a nice new laptop.


  • familiarity with installing and using software on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
  • ability to trouble-shoot problems based on sometimes minimal descriptions
  • patience with inexperienced users, technical skill to keep up with the experienced ones
  • reliability


  • Someone who has used personal finance software to download transactions and/or pay bills online
  • Someone who enjoys working without someone standing over your shoulder
  • Someone who enjoys interacting with lots of different people

Please send resume/CV for both positions to