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Moneydance 2008r4 and Development Update

Yes, we do know that it is now 2009 and has been for nearly six full months. There were just a few minor updates to the 2008 line that we thought you might need to tide you over until MD2010 is released. It is embarrassing to admit, but what we were calling Moneydance 2009 will now be called Moneydance 2010, although it will still be released this year (planning for around October).

Another goodie that will be released (as a private beta) any day now is the Moneydance iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. This is an app that synchronizes with the desktop Moneydance and allows you to record transactions and check out your balances while you are out and about. When you get home it will seamlessly sync with your desktop over wi-fi. We’re very close to a beta release with only a few bugs to iron out. If you’d like to be a part of the private beta, post a message to this thread.

As for today’s update, here is the list of things that have changed since MD2008r3:

  • Workaround for Java 1.6 launcher incompatibility on Mac OS X
  • Fixed memorization of expenses graph
  • Fixed bug in ‘dashboard’ net worth graph to properly account for stock splits
  • Added most recent OFX CA certificate
  • Fixed bug in online banking when there are multiple accounts per bank
  • Fixed bug in online connection setup that caused the same account to be listed multiple times for some connections
  • Fixed duplicate transaction prevention that caused investment transactions (and some others) to reappear after having been accepted in a previous download
  • Fixed bug in which the APR field is not saved for CDs
  • Fixed bug that caused editing a tag to delete it
  • Added Verisign Class3 CA Certificate to enable to keep working
  • Made OFX downloads for BANK accounts with type CREDITLINE map to credit card accounts instead of bank accounts
  • Updated OFX account info selection and connection handling to better support account information retrieved from banks as well as connections in which the bill payment account information is different from the transaction download information
  • Removed Command-D/Ctrl-D shortcut for deleting instead of downloading(!) a transaction
  • No longer attempt to retrieve updates to already connected financial institutions from
  • Popup date picker now hides after a date is clicked.
  • Popup date picker no longer displays if there isn’t enough room in the window

You can get the update from the usual place.