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iPhone/iPod Touch beta

Update: [2009-07-14] We’ve received all of the beta requests we can handle right now. Any further requests to be part of the beta unfortunately cannot be accepted. I hope you’ll stay tuned for the final release!

We’re happy to announce that we’re finally ready to begin external beta testing of the Moneydance iPhone application. We have asked anyone who was interested in beta testing the app to respond to this thread on our old customer support forum, however that forum does not allow us to send private replies to all posters or to get the email addresses for anyone who has posted to the thread. For this reason, I have to ask anyone who is interested to contact us directly (again) so that they can be part of the beta program.

If you are interested in the program, please email the following information to
– Your iPhone or iPod Touch device ID. Here’s how to find it
– Your full name and email address
– The type of iPhone or iPod Touch device (iPhone: 1st gen, 3G, 3GS, or iPod Touch 1st gen, 2nd gen)
– The login name you used to post to the getsatisfaction iphone app thread

Also, please note that we are limiting the beta process to the first 50 (or so) people who posted to the thread on our support forum. We may add a few others, especially in cases where the first 50 have different configurations (for example, those with 1st gen iPhones).