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Moneydance 2010 Update and Features

After a long wait, Moneydance 2010 is now within reach! Here are some of the improvements and new features you can look forward to with the new version.
The new sidebar allows single-click access to all account registers, graphs, reports and budgets.

{% photo srcandreg1.png %}

Moneydance can optionally download all connected online accounts in the background. All downloaded or imported OFX/QFX/OFC transactions will go directly into the register and use a simpler new method of “cleaning up” downloaded transactions. If you trust the transactions that download from your bank then you don’t need to do anything.

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The new version has improvements in many other areas including budget status reporting, capital gains reports as well as editing and reporting on tags.

Users who purchased Moneydance on or after March 28, 2008 will receive a free upgrade to MD 2010. Purchases prior to then entitle you to a half price upgrade. Moneydance 2010 does not yet have a final release date or price, but we will let you know when these decisions have been made.

Moneydance 2010 is now available for beta testing! (

We invite you to download this beta release if you are willing to report bugs and help us track down issues that may have arisen in this new version.  Please do not use this version for your primary use yet, there are still a few bugs and kinks that need to be worked out.  We would like you to know that this is not a final beta version, as additional features are still being added to Moneydance 2010.