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Moneydance 2008r3 Now Available

I’ve got a bad habit of waiting too long to make public releases of Moneydance. It is far too easy for me to keep making bug fixes and improvements to the ‘preview’ line of Moneydance and forget to update the stable line which most people use. Well, the wait is over and Moneydance 2008r3 is now out with a long list of improvements and bug fixes (see below).

With this release, and the completion of a recent server move, I will now focus all of my energies on two areas:

Moneydance 2009. There are lots of great changes in the works for MD2009 which I’ll now be able to give more attention and love. The big improvements are better reporting (including filtering by tags), making online functions require less interaction, and an even more streamlined/intuitive interface for things like budgeting. I’m aiming for a release near mid-February, but can’t make any promises.

iPhone app. The new Moneydance iPhone/iPodTouch application is coming along nicely. It synchronizes accounts and transactions with Moneydance over wi-fi and lets you enter transactions on the go which are then loaded into your desktop Moneydance when you sync. The app is fairly basic right now, but is getting close to being ready for an alpha release to a limited set of testers.

If you’ve already got Moneydance you can click on the “Check for new updates/extensions” link on the ‘home’ screen or you can get it from the download page. Here is the detailed list of improvements in Moneydance 2008r3 (compared to 2008r2):

  • Fixed main window sizing when running on windows and Moneydance is quit while the main window is minimized
  • Fixed column header display in income category registers
  • Homepage graph now shows grouped income/expenses in terms of base currency
  • Disabled payees are no longer shown in ‘Send Payment To…’ menu
  • More fixes to help window (only applies when running on older systems)
  • Added cmd/ctrl-D shortcut for downloading transactions in investment register
  • Fixed bug preventing preferences window from appearing when running on older systems
  • Fixed some keyboard focus issues in transaction register and splits window
  • Fixed calculation of semi-annual items in budget report
  • Fixed keyboard focus in account/category popup on linux
  • Fixed formatting of some security values in the register (removed extra comma)
  • Fixed focus/flicker problem in some secondary dialogs
  • Added button to reset the date used for synchronizing downloaded transactions
  • Fixed bug in income/expenses home page graph when values of different currencies are added without conversion
  • Fixed bug in which investment transaction reminders do not record
  • Fixed out-of-memory errors when archiving large files
  • Fixed bug in which batch-changing the description field doesn’t change the ‘other side’ of non-split transactions
  • Fixed change in transaction entry field appearance after recent update to Java on Mac OS X
  • Removed one pixel border from pie charts
  • Fixed bug caused by incorrect (or non-existent) sorting of budget items
  • Fix cleanup of temporary file when saving on systems that don’t allow renaming files over existing files
  • Fixed parsing of certain OFX 2 response headers
  • Include .png files in user guide
  • Changed line border for home page panels to match the toolbar background (light gray)
  • Modified account boxes on home page to show accounts with no name a bit more normally
  • Fixed bug in which having more than 512 currencies or securities would hose Moneydance if the exchange-rate/stock-price panels were set to appear on the home page
  • Fixed problem with incorrect offset of day headers in French and other week-starts-on-monday locales
  • Most error messages are now selectable to enable copy-and-paste