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SyncSpace and SketchTo Hit the Big Screen

We’re extra excited about today’s updates to SyncSpace and SketchTo! If you’ve got an iPhone 6 or 6+ then you’ll find this update makes great use of the larger screen, turning the phone that you’ve always got with you into an even more usable canvas. It’s perfect for collaborating on ideas with others or just simply sketching out your own private plans for world domination.

SyncSpace canvas view on iPhone6+

Even if you haven’t got one of the new jumbo-sized screens, you can use our new Today widget (on iOS 8). This widget gives you fantastically quick access to recent sketches, as well as a shortcut to create a new sketch.

SSP SKT today extension

We’ve even redesigned the flow of both apps to provide both quick access to your previous drawings and a set of new-drawing shortcuts. Your list of previous drawings is now sorted to show the most recently opened sketches at the top. When tapping the new-sketch button you’ll see shortcuts to do things like draw on the most recently taken photo (or screenshot), draw on a web page or map, choose a photo from your library, or to just draw on a blank canvas.

All of these new features have been designed to make both SyncSpace and SketchTo as effortless and easy to use as possible. Our goal is to provide apps that get out of your way while providing functions that make your life easier every day.