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iOS Developer Wanted

Between Moneydance, SyncSpace and lots of client projects, we at The Infinite Kind are busier than ever and could use an additional brain in the iOS development department.

We’re looking for a creative, thoughtful iOS developer to work on our own apps as well as some external work, including the DuckDuckGo mobile apps.

You’ll get the flexibility of working from home (or your favourite cafe) as part of a friendly and experienced team. As part of our team you will write code that is used daily by millions of people. You will be given the freedom to experiment with new designs and techniques while working with other A-level developers. You can expect plenty of interesting work, a flexible environment, and a highly competitive salary.

If you know iOS and Objective-C (and preferably some other languages) inside and out and are in a timezone that is within about 5 hours of GMT then please get in touch. If you’re already a current Moneydance or SyncSpace user, please let us know in your email.

Note: we’re not looking for contractors/freelance at the moment, so please only contact us if you’re looking for a full-time permanent position.

About The Infinite Kind

Founded in 1999, The Infinite Kind has created two highly rated apps, Moneydance and SyncSpace, while consulting on many interesting external projects. Our focus is moving towards more internal development, however we will take on some interesting external projects.

SyncSpace is a unique and graphically rich application which allows users to express visual ideas collaboratively and in real-time. It allows 100% vector-based sketches and diagrams to be shared in real time, posted to Facebook/Twitter and emailed using PNGs or high resolution PDF files.

Moneydance is a cross-platform desktop personal finance manager with an iOS companion. It provides the ability to manage online banking and bill payments, track accounts, review budgets and optimise investments.