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The Infinite Kind Blog

Privacy Update: We (Still) Don’t Want Your Data

As of today, 25 May 2018, data protection laws have changed to better protect your information online. At The Infinite Kind Ltd, we think this is fantastic! Our core mission has always been to keep your information under your control. We’ve always believed your data is yours and yours alone. We want as little information about you as possible and only collect what is absolutely necessary. Our privacy policy is simple, and is summarised below.

If you’ve purchased Moneydance from our web site then we have your name, email address, and the license key for the purchase. We keep this information only so that we can re-send it to you using the lost-license-key form on our web site.

We have no information about you from any purchases made via Apple’s Mac or iOS App Store, the Google Play store, Amazon, or Amazon app store. We collect no information about you from usage of our products.

If you’ve contacted our customer support team then we may have the messages you’ve exchanged which include your email address and whatever information you’ve volunteered in the messages.

If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter then we have the email address that you used to subscribe. The newsletter is explicitly opt-in so you will not have been subscribed by accident or as a side-effect of interacting with us in any other way.

Under no circumstances do we ever share any of your information with third parties.