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Moneydance Update: 2017.8

We are happy to announce that Moneydance 2017.8 is now available for download as well as on the Mac App Store! This version includes multiple improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s the full list of changes in this update:

  • Corrected buy/sell markers in security performance graph by adjusting for splits and removing markers for non-priced transactions
  • Fixed bug in which min/max amounts in memorized Transaction Filter reports switched to the same value in both fields when re-edited
  • Security detail transaction list now shows the cleared status from the parent transaction in the investment register
  • Reliability and efficiency improvements (speed and RAM) for files with large currency and security price histories
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Revamp of capital gains report calculations for securities with average cost
  • Fix fog a bug which could use unnecessary disk space and RAM when security and currency price histories were updated
  • Automatically check for and remove any orphan historical price entries when opening a file
  • Add ability to include currency exchange rates in imported QIF files. In the !Prices section, put a caret (^) before the three digit currency ID and the ‘price’ will be interpreted as an exchange rate relative to the current file’s base currency.
  • Fixed bug with selection and editing of the ‘other side’ of transfer transactions
  • Prevent unrecognised transaction sort settings from stopping the UI (especially in the reconciler window)
  • Fix bugs related to re-editing transactions, adding attachments, and duplicating transactions from the register when the auto-create-new-transactions option is disabled
  • Improvements and fixes to mouse click handling, especially when using Apple’s Magic Mouse
  • Fixed error when reading security prices during QIF imports
  • Fixed bug in which the QIF Import ‘Account Info Only’ option didn’t suppress import of all investment transactions
  • Fixed bug which resulted in an error when attempting to install an unsigned extension
  • Added certificates to support a few bank changes (including Wells Fargo and Aon Hewitt)

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for providing feedback and helping us continue to improve Moneydance!