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New Release: SyncSpace 6

We’re excited to announce we’ve recently released SyncSpace 6 for iOS – a huge improvement over earlier versions.

If you’re new to SyncSpace – it’s the world’s most capable collaborative drawing app. Express and explore visual ideas together, wherever you are. It is an unlimited canvas, shared in real-time over the internet. SyncSpace is a shared whiteboard, plus a lot more.

Use the nearly limitless canvas to create drawings from scratch; or draw on maps, web pages and photos. Collaborators need not be on the same local network, and there is no limit to the number of participants.

SyncSpace 6 includes much faster drawing, with split screen multitasking and improved AirPlay display. We’ve added support for Apple Pencil and multiple bluetooth styluses – Adonit Jot, Pogo Connect, and Scriba. Palm rest detection has also been significantly improved, preventing accidental marks on the screen when drawing.

Panning and zooming around the canvas is faster and smoother. You can even use two fingers to rotate in any other direction, with snapping to 90 degree angles.

The other big news is that SyncSpace is now free! If you use the real-time collaboration features (creating or modifying shared drawings) there is an in-app subscription (including a 14 day trial).

Purchased an earlier version of SyncSpace? Fear not, as you’ll be grandfathered into the new system and your subscription will be free for life.

SyncSpace 6 is available now for download on the iOS App Store.