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Moneydance 2019.2, Spring Edition

Today’s Moneydance update brings so much progress that it’s difficult to fit into one blog post, but we’ll do our best. First, this update has massive improvements in online banking and file importing. The QIF import especially is far easier and more capable than it’s ever been, and that’s significant. The online banking infrastructure has been significantly upgraded to be more compatible with more banks and less sensitive to things like bank certificate changes.

In addition, we’ve been polishing a lot of the interface with font improvements, colour tweaking, and generally making Moneydance more beautiful.

Included below the fold is the full list of changes. If you’d like to simply get the update you can download it directly. If you prefer, you can also purchase it through the Mac App Store.

  • Updated open/save backup file selection to default to the last folder opened or closed instead of always loading the backup folder from the preferences
  • Added hardened runtime and notarisation to mac builds
  • QIF import fix: Correct sign of transfer amounts in BuyXfr transactions
  • QIF import fix: Handle different kinds of starting balance records
  • Added border to pie graphs
  • Summary page border and font tweaks
  • Minor register font tweaks
  • Fix buy/sell markers on securities graph to properly account for stock splits
  • Deleting an account in the account or category list window now automatically selects the next account or category
  • Attempt to improve scrolling in QIF import window currency/account-type selector
  • Prevent some ‘X’ accounts from being created when reading opening balance entries from QIF files
  • Tweak budget status colors in dark mode
  • Fix ctrl-clicking in various parts of moneydance (including in transaction register), which was broken in a previous preview build
  • In account registers, alt-clicking or ctrl-clicking on the download button now (again) opens the URL for the account in an external browser
  • Extensions are now (again) sorted by name
  • Fix some a few bugs in new security performance graph and it’s integration
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (create, delete, edit) in the account list, category list, and security list windows
  • Set the Next button as the default (press enter to invoke) in various ‘wizard’ windows
  • A bit more font tweaking on windows, although Thai characters are still not displayed :(
  • Significant QIF import fixes and minor settings UI improvements
  • Moved the bulk of file import processing into a background thread and added activity indication/progress bar
  • Added Security Performance Graph (thanks James Larus!)
  • Update to Brazilian/Portuguese text
  • Add a post-load check for relative currency cycles which will break the cycle at the deepest point possible
  • OFX connections now default to using system certificates, with the ability to opt-in to OFX-specific certificates for individual connections
  • Added method for extensions to display any data object, including transactions, accounts, budgets, reports, graphs, reminders, and currencies
  • Fixed bug when opening archived files from certain old versions of Moneydance which wouldn’t change the identity of the file, causing it to sync with the original copy of the file upon opening
  • The date column in all registers now uses the default font rather than a monospaced font
  • Improvements to file importing, including the ability to override the currency and type of accounts being imported
  • Reduced the minimum size for the reconciliation window
  • Enabled anti-aliasing in the net worth toolbar/dashboard graph
  • Tweak day number fonts in the calendar
  • Extra logging in the windows file opener
  • Added word-wrapping to more multi-line text boxes (account properties windows, mostly)
  • Updated extensions manager window to show three tabs: available, installed, and updatable extensions
  • More OFX https server certificate validation fixes
  • Enable word-wrapping on various text boxes
  • HTTPS secure sockets connection configuration improvements
  • Fixed auto-refresh of new bank connection mechanism
  • Fixed bug in currency/security history table when manually entering a daily ‘high’ price
  • Color and layout improvements to quick-search field popover and downloaded transaction match/merge/confirm panel
  • Fix dev kit signing action with certain types of private keys, and bumped dev kit to v5.1
  • Fixed budget progress bars when displayed on non-white backgrounds
  • Budget header/summary values now exclude non-visible accounts and categories
  • All budget progress bars now use colors from the current theme
  • Volume axis labels in the security detail view now use colors from the current theme
  • Added option for connections to use File UIDs for all requests, not just bill payment (hopefully helpful for Central Bank of St. Louis)
  • Fix graphs+reports window sizing craziness when a graph or report existed that applied to a large number of specific accounts
  • Tweak to price history additions from QIF imports

This is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased Moneydance 2017 or 2019. If you purchased an earlier version of Moneydance, then you are entitled to the new version at 50% off; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and beta testers for providing feedback and helping us continue to improve Moneydance!