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Moneydance 2019.3

Moneydance is ready for Summer with the latest update, 2019.3! Now available in all the usual places: directly from us (recommended), the Mac App Store, and the Windows Store.

Here’s the list of changes and improvements:

  • Added option to show either the Welcome Window or the most recently opened file on startup
  • Fixed bug in the Welcome to Moneydance window which would sometimes cause the window to be unresponsive
  • Changed pie graph label lines to observe the current theme, meaning that they are now visible in dark mode
  • Tidy up buy/sell markers in security detail graph
  • Improved visibility of the selected date period in the budget manager when using the solarized dark theme
  • Minor tweak to downloaded transaction sidebar headers
  • Workaround for issue with Amazon-purchased keys not working in recent updates
  • Fixed bug in OFX parsing which caused some western characters to be incorrectly decoded from non-UTF8 files
  • Fixes to importing specific QIF import files which specify an account header for a single account
  • Importing CSV and other delimited files now provides an option for when to merge transactions that seem like duplicates
  • No longer show security accounts in the QIF import settings as they just add clutter with no functional benefit
  • No longer add caret prefix to stock ticker symbols imported from QIF files
  • Allow for slightly different dates when eliminating duplicate transfers in QIF imports
  • QIF importer now uses 50 (instead of 70) as the year cutoff to determine whether the century part of the year is 19 or 20
  • Show the abbreviated list of available currencies in the currency override popup of the QIF import settings
  • Override downloaded credit card transactions with a transaction type of ‘payment’ and negative amount to have a positive amount
  • Added a setting to ignore the OFX/QFX TRNTYPE in downloaded bank transaction amounts and rely solely on the sign of the amount

This is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased Moneydance 2017 or 2019. If you purchased an earlier version of Moneydance, then you are entitled to the new version at 50% off; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and beta testers for providing feedback and helping us continue to improve Moneydance!