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Moneydance 2019

This will be a year of significant changes. We’re hitting the ground running with Moneydance 2019 – the biggest update to Moneydance in years. If you’d like to get right to it, you can download it now!

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you this major update to Moneydance. Let’s start with the biggest highlights:

  • Dark Mode – Moneydance now integrates smoothly with your darker themed desktop
  • Ridiculously Easy Import – now you can migrate your data from other applications and downloaded files without needing to fuss with a multi-step process or deal with complicated settings. Moneydance analyzes files to figure out the best way to import the data.
  • Since 2015 Moneydance has stored every change made to your files. While these changes didn’t take much space, they did result in many small files that could slow down the opening and closing of Moneydance. Moneydance 2019 will automatically compress and consolidate the older history in your data which can reduce file size by a decent amount, but the most significant change is probably the improvement of opening and closing your files.
  • Moneydance now stores security prices relative to their associated currency, which means that updating exchange rates will not affect the prices of non-base-currency securities.
  • Python-based extensions. You can now easily package Python scripts as extensions and have them launched from the main extensions menu.
  • Moneydance now supports high resolution (aka retina, HiDPI, etc.) displays on Windows and Linux, adding to our existing support for them on macOS.
  • Built-in browser (currently in beta) for secure communication with your bank, broker, payment service, or other web service. You can now open an embedded WebKit-based browser to log in to any bank’s website. Moneydance will recognize and import any files downloaded from that site. You can even use Python scripting to automate the process, providing an effortless way to sync your accounts. All without needing to upload your passwords and financial information to any third party services.

In addition to the above, here’s a list of the more minor changes that aren’t covered above:

  • When restoring from a backup, the file chooser now opens with the default backup folder
  • Improved capital gains and cost basis calculations for average cost investments for many specific edge cases and transaction types.
  • Importing currency or security history from a CSV file now figures out the date format automatically
  • Fix color issue in some account selection popups
  • Improvements to all color schemes
  • Improved handling of HTTP cookies in all communication
  • Plain text (CSV, tab-delimited) imports now observe the category column
  • Added Page Setup menu to allow for setting the default paper type and orientation when printing (although some printable items always print in landscape)
  • Fixed color of the track under custom scrollbars
  • Set the default theme to dark mode if the system dark mode setting is enabled on the mac
  • Updated handling of online banking connections behind the scenes, making automatic updates to connection information more reliable
  • Reimplemented file importer structure to allow for a two-stage import, enabling an initial scan to detect date formats, decimal characters, whether the file was downloaded or exported from another app, as well as to change account currencies before the second stage. The result is an entirely automatic import of multiple file types.
  • Improvements to monthly calendar view including improved theme support and high-resolution graphics
  • Fix bug in HTTP cookie handling to allow cookies for parent domains (i.e., to be sent to the same domain as the parent (i.e.,
  • Improvements to the algorithm used to guess whether a bank’s OFX credit card transactions reverse the signs based on the transaction type field
  • Improved QIF export to include liability and asset account types
  • Improved QIF export to specify the starting balance of accounts more clearly
  • Improved QIF export to encode forward slashes in account or category names
  • Updated mac app bundle to set a memory limit as a percentage of physical RAM rather than a fixed amount
  • Improve performance and accuracy of historic currency/security price lookup and calculations
  • Exchange rates view on summary screen now shows the price for currencies in both their relative and the base currency, if different
  • Enable setting of a ‘relative currency’ for currencies as well as securities, which is helpful for tracking crypto currencies

This is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased Moneydance 2017. If you purchased an earlier version of Moneydance, then you are entitled to the new version at 50% off; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and beta testers for providing feedback and helping us continue to improve Moneydance!