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Moneydance is ready for Lion

We at The Infinite Kind are as excited as anyone about the imminent release of Mac OS X Lion. We are also happy to report that Moneydance is fully compatible with Lion and our customers can expect a smooth transition to the new system.

Currently most of our effort is going into a 2011r2 update as well as some big improvements to the Moneydance app for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your previous financial manager, we encourage you to check out our free trial.   When in trial mode the only limit is on 100 manually entered transactions, so you can import, download, budget, invest, and pay bills online until you’re sure that Moneydance is for you.

Installing and running Moneydance on Mac OS X Lion is involves 3 easy steps.

  1. Download Moneydance 2011 for Mac and drag it to your Applications folder
  2. Double-click to start Moneydance
  3. You may see the following window when starting Moneydance for the first time. Click the “Install” button and Mac OS X will take care of the rest.
    {% photo Install-Java-on-Lion.png %}

You will only see this window once, and Moneydance will start after the install process finishes.