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Moneydance 2011 is Here

As many of you know, we’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the latest version of Moneydance, and we’re thrilled to announce that Moneydance 2011 is finally here! The new build has the same familiar checkbook-register interface and all of the features of our earlier versions, but we’ve made the software more intuitive, more customizable and, most importantly, added a whole host of new features that make the program even better!

Here’s a quick recap of some of the features that are new in Moneydance 2011:

  • Direct import of data from Quicken Essentials for Mac
  • Completely new interface for managing downloaded transactions, designed to minimize the effort required to keep your finances up to date
  • Additional Graphs and Reports, including a transfer report to help you analyze money flow between accounts
  • Multi-currency improvements making life easier when managing international accounts and investments
  • Instant access to bank websites from within the program
  • Enhanced report printing

So now that Moneydance 2011 is all ready to go, what’s the next step? Well, to try it, of course! If you’re a first-time Moneydance user, you can download our fully functional demo (allowing up to 100 manually entered transactions). Current Moneydance users can find out if they’re eligible for a free upgrade by entering their key here. Don’t forget to keep in touch, too! Moneydance loves social networking, and customers who “like” us on Facebook or tweet about @moneydance will get a 20% off discount code.

Stay tuned for blog updates as we celebrate this latest version of Moneydance and dive into some new features in our Moneydance in Action Series.

We’re so excited to be releasing Moneydance 2011, and are looking forward to sharing all the new (and old) ways Moneydance can help us track, manage and analyze our money. Thanks to the whole Moneydance community for helping to make this latest version what it is!