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HandyBank for Android

We are extremely pleased to announce that anyone with an Android device can now sync their accounts, transactions and budgets with Moneydance on their desktop.

Thanks to our long-time partner Mennē Software Solutions who has released HandyBank for Android

HandyBank is a perfect companion to the desktop version of Moneydance, and is meant to allow quick entry of transactions while keeping track of your budget while on the go. Accounts, categories, recent transactions, and budgets are synced to your Android device and transactions entered or modified on your mobile device are synced to your desktop. HandyBank can sync with Moneydance either via wifi, like the iOS app, or Dropbox which allows you to sync without needing to have Moneydance running on the same local network at the same time.

HandyBank uses industrial strength encryption to keep your data safe even beyond the protection offered by your wifi network or Dropbox.

Mennē Software Solutions has even promised to donate 20% of the proceeds from HandyBank sales to charity! Check out HandyBank on the Android Market!