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Moneydance for iOS Update 1.5

We’re delighted to finally announce the release of version 1.5 of the Moneydance app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

The biggest change in this update is the addition of syncing over Dropbox. With Dropbox syncing you can record transactions anytime, anywhere and those transactions are synced whenever you are connected to any network whether it’s 3G, Edge or Wifi. The next time the desktop Moneydance is running, it will apply all of the changes made by any mobile apps.

This update makes it convenient for every iOS device in your household to have a copy of Moneydance with up-to-the-minute syncing.

Your finances are some of the most private information in your online life. Although Dropbox encrypts your data on the server, this wasn’t good enough for us. All Moneydance data that is synced over Dropbox is additionally encrypted using a 128 bit AES key that you specify on your desktop and on each device. This ensures that your data is completely safe, even if the bad guys get access to your Dropbox account.

For help setting up Dropbox syncing with Moneydance you can check out this knowledge base article or watch the exciting video demonstration below.

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If you have any other questions, visit and we’ll get you going!

For our Android-using friends please note that we’re working on an Android version but can not yet provide an estimate for its release date. In the meantime, we wholeheartedly recommend HandyBank for Android, which has gotten great reviews and already has Dropbox syncing (and budgeting!) so it is ahead of our own iOS app.