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The Infinite Kind announces SyncSpace 2

Moneydance was created by The Infinite Kind, and we’ve been producing powerful and user-friendly software since 1997.  We’re a fairly small company, and most of us telecommute and travel frequently.  In the past few years our team of developers and support staff have traveled to Scotland, England, America, Hungary, France, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and dozens of other countries.

We’ve had great conversations online in Campfire, shared information using Dropbox, and even experimented with Google Wave for a bit.  Still, something was missing- what we really wanted was a whiteboard.  We wanted to be able to draw a flowchart, UI wireframe or just brainstorm random ideas, to communicate visually in real time.

So we created SyncSpace, which allows people in different locations to sketch ideas together in a way that can’t be done with a phone call or video conference. People in different locations can easily work together to sketch their ideas, making it an ideal tool to illustrate a web site, app interface, magazine layout, architectural drawing, network architecture, or even a  picture of your favourite pet.

We’re excited to announce a huge update to SyncSpace, bringing it to version 2.0.  If you had SyncSpace 1.0, you’ll be automatically upgraded to SyncSpace 2.0 for free. This update includes a long list of improvements, including the following:

  • Insert & annotate photos in your drawing
  • Undo & redo
  • Discovery of nearby shared documents using Bonjour
  • External display mirroring (VGA, HDMI, AirPlay, AppleTV)
  • New tools with paging, zoom extents
  • Support for retina display on the new iPad
  • Choice of grid patterns and document backgrounds
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Sharing of document links via iMessage
  • Control of document orientation

In addition to the updated app for iPad, now anyone with a modern web browser can view SyncSpace drawings and see the drawings update in real-time using our new HTML5 document viewer! You can also zoom in or out and explore the drawing, or simply print a hard copy.

Still not convinced?  Download the free version from the App store– you’ll be able to create 3 documents to see if SyncSpace is the right choice for you.  If so, upgrade to the paid version for only $7.99- your current data will remain and you can create and edit as many documents as you like!