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Moneydance 2012 Now Available

We’re delighted to announce an update to Moneydance as well as a new way to get it if you’re on a Mac: the Mac App Store!

Some more great news is that this update is completely free if you already own Moneydance 2011! This free update only applies if you download directly from our site.

Here’s a quick look at some of the improvements in this update:

  • Runs in a protective sandbox on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Internalized data storage to allow for upcoming improvements
  • Built in Dropbox syncing with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app
  • Increased level of data file encryption
  • Improvements to lots of minor UI issues such as window sizes, column widths, etc.
  • Improvements to behind-the-scenes online banking functions

Moneydance on the App Store includes the latest and greatest Java 7 (no need to download it separately) and it is fully compatible with Gatekeeper, the new feature on Mountain Lion that helps you protect from malware and misbehaving apps.

It’s been a great technical challenge to bring a multi-platform Java application like Moneydance to the App Store. In the process, we fixed several bugs in the OpenJDK project and contributed our fixes back to the Open Source community. We’ll post a more detailed review about this process later.