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Moneydance 2022, Kind of a Big Deal

Welcome to the single most significant update to Moneydance in our twenty-three-year history! Rather than dump a giant list of changes in your lap, let’s start with our three tentpole features for Moneydance 2022: Moneydance+. Now with a single click, you can seamlessly download all of your transactions from tens of thousands of banks and…More »

Moneydance+, Privacy, and Subscriptions

The upcoming Moneydance+ is easily the most significant update to Moneydance ever. It makes online banking accessible to far more people than ever before, but also raises privacy questions and the dreaded S word: subscriptions. This article is meant to describe our approach to privacy and security, answer these questions, and explain our new (entirely…More »

Moneydance 2021.1

We’re so happy to announce the latest update to your favorite money manager. A plethora of big-deal improvements await you after a quick download. If you’re using a Mac you’ll notice a fresh native interface including automatic switching between dark and light modes. Tinkerers will be pleased with support for Python-based extensions. There are almost…More »

Bring on 2021!

Hello Moneydancers! We think you’re really going to love today’s update to your favourite privacy-preserving financial software. Today we have a beautiful fresh appearance with rounded rectangles, antialiasing, and a generally smoother experience, but the changes aren’t only skin deep. We have a massively improved syncing engine with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that no matter how…More »

Moneydance 2020.1

I hope you’re ready for another quick update to your favourite privacy-preserving budgeting software. As with the last update Moneydance 2020.1 is a FREE update to everyone who already has a valid license to Moneydance 2019. Available for immediate download from our site the Mac App Store and the Windows Store.More »