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Moneydance 2022.6

We’re excited to announce the release of Moneydance 2022.6, the latest version of our powerful financial management software. Moneydance empowers individuals and families to keep track of their finances, make informed decisions, and stay on top of their goals! This new version of Moneydance makes it easier than ever for people to manage their money and take advantage of new capabilities to help them save and grow their finances. Read on to discover how the latest version of Moneydance can help you reach your financial targets!

Available for immediate download for Mac, Windows, and Linux from our site and the Mac App Store.

Please see below for the full list of changes:

  • Fix category filtering in advanced search window
  • Moneydance+ setup window refresh button now fully reloads connections, accounts, and then connection metadata
  • Process synced mobile transaction updates in the same order they were made
  • Reduce volume of cash register sound by 50%
  • If a window’s remembered location is outside the virtual screen bounds, reset it to the default (centered) location
  • Update to file selection on macOS Monterey and Ventura to again show bundles as single files instead of folders, and to allow selection of all Moneydance files, including much older versions
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented full disconnection of a Moneydance+ account
  • Enabled the close-window button on the window shown when printing checks
  • Fixed the Help->Register Moneydance menu not appearing even if Moneydance wasn’t registered/activated
  • Prevent inefficient processing in Moneydance+ status updates when a connection isn’t available
  • Periodically checks for reminders to auto-commit instead of checking only when opening a file
  • Now shows the number of decimal places for a currency or security in their info window
  • Disconnected banks are now no longer shown in the Moneydance+ accounts window
  • Improved checking of local vs remote timestamps of mobile synced data, resolving an issue on which mobile devices sometimes didn’t show updates performed on the desktop
  • Show a button instead of a clickable label to choose accounts in the Moneydance+ setup window
  • Hide inactive accounts from the Moneydance+ Setup account picker popup menu
  • The Download buttons on account registers no longer show entries for disabled/removed connections
  • Fix a bug that prevented the account selector from appearing in the Moneydance+ Setup window when no local accounts were found with an appropriate type match to the online account
  • When showing price history for a security that is relative to a security other than the base, display all dates, from both the security and relative currency.
  • Fix a bug resulting in a blank window being displayed in certain circumstances
  • Correct an issue with transaction editing on some non-English-language Macs that could sometimes freeze the app
  • Fix an issue with syncing to mobile devices in which updates from desktop to mobile could be delayed
  • Added an option to the security account settings window to indicate that the account is inactive
  • Hide inactive securities from the investment account security detail view, unless there are shares owned or were otherwise active recently