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Moneydance 2022, Kind of a Big Deal

Welcome to the single most significant update to Moneydance in our twenty-three-year history! Rather than dump a giant list of changes in your lap, let’s start with our three tentpole features for Moneydance 2022:

  • Moneydance+. Now with a single click, you can seamlessly download all of your transactions from tens of thousands of banks and credit card accounts. It even works with PayPal and! Moneydance+ accesses an order of magnitude more banks than Moneydance has ever supported, and we’re excited to roll it out initially for US and Canadian bank and credit card accounts, with EU, UK and investment support soon to follow.

  • iCloud Drive Syncing. For years, we’ve heard that many Apple customers would prefer to drop Dropbox and sync using the iCloud Drive that was built-in to their Macs. With this update, Moneydance for Mac can finally do precisely that. We’ll be releasing updates to the iPhone and iPad apps shortly. Dropbox syncing will still be available, but there will be an even more seamless sync setup experience for people immersed in the Apple ecosystem.

  • Finally, we’ve noticed how many customers loved Kevin Stembridge’s Money Foresight extension, which helps you budget and predict balances based on transaction reminders. It’s a great way to plan because most people’s expenses are regularly recurring, and scheduling income and expenses using reminders provide the best balance forecast possible. With Kevin’s help, we’ve incorporated the feature into the Foresight tools within Moneydance. Check it out for a beautiful new way to plan your financial life!

We know you’re going to love the new features, especially the ease with which you can download and sync all of your transactions using Moneydance+. We should mention up front that the use of the Moneydance+ features requires a reasonably priced subscription which includes a free trial and is cancelable at any time. Using Moneydance+ is purely optional and because running the service incurs a fee for us, and since we don’t sell ads or customer data, the subscription was necessary. You can still always purchase Moneydance with a one-off payment, and it’s yours to keep, forever, with no sunsetting of features.

Oh, and there was also a metric ton of the usual minor improvements and bug fixes. We’d love to hear if you have any requests. Tweet at us!

Available for immediate download from our site and very soon from the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.