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2024 is Finally Here!

Hello Moneydance fans!

Today marks the release of Moneydance 2024, our most ambitious update yet, filled with enhancements that will transform your personal finance management experience. As always, our updates are inspired by your feedback and our unwavering commitment to making Moneydance not just useful, but a joy to use.

Below are just a few of the improvements in this update!

Batch Change Amounts

Managing financial data often requires adjustments and corrections. With Moneydance 2024, you can now make these changes in bulk through a simple yet powerful feature: Batch Change Amounts. Want to reverse a bunch of transaction amounts? Just select them, choose Batch Change -> Amount from the register menu, and use the expression “{value} * -1”. Need to convert a selection of transactions from Euros to your local currency? Enter “{value} EUR”. This feature is designed to save you time and can be undone with just a click.

Searchable Accounts and Categories

Finding the exact account or category you need in the Accounts or Categories windows is now a breeze. Filter by name, type, currency, or security. Looking for all bank accounts? Type “Bank”. Need to find Apple shares across your investments? Just search “AAPL”. Plus, we’ve enhanced the usability of account hierarchies and added the option to hide inactive accounts, keeping your financial overview clutter-free.

Super-Powered Date Ranges

Your financial analysis just got sharper with more customizable date ranges. Alongside expanded predefined ranges like “Last 180 days”, you can now adjust the offset and size of most ranges. Shift them earlier or later, or extend them to capture multiple periods—perfect for when you need to compare your financial growth over time. And yes, your custom settings are remembered across graph and report sessions.

Enhanced Auto Backup Settings

Your data is precious, so we’ve upgraded our backup functionality. Moneydance 2024 allows you to keep multiple automatic backups per day, ensuring you never lose a single financial move due to a mishap or misplaced update.

Expanded Context Menus

Right-clicking (or control-clicking on Mac) in Moneydance now reveals more options than ever. Quickly add or remove accounts from the sidebar, edit details, reconcile transactions, adjust balances, or even open an account in a new window—all from the convenience of a context menu.

We believe that these new features will make managing your finances easier and more flexible than ever before. So why wait? Download the latest version of Moneydance today and experience the joy of finance management!

As always, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Your suggestions and feedback make all of this possible. Happy financial managing, and here’s to a prosperous year ahead with Moneydance 2024!

Warm regards,

Sean Reilly

Founder & Developer at Moneydance

Here’s the full list of changes in this update:

  • Batch Change Amounts: You can now change the amount for all selected transactions at once, using any mathematical expression, by choosing Batch Change -> Amount in the register menu. For example, to reverse the value of the selected transactions, use “{value} * -1”. Or, to convert the selected transactions from Euro into the currency of the register, enter “{value} EUR”. Try it – it’s undo-able!
  • Searchable Accounts and Categories: You can now filter the accounts and categories windows by name, type (bank, credit card, etc), currency, or security. Type “Bank” to show all bank accounts, or “AAPL” to show any shares of Apple across all investment accounts. We also made it easy to expand or collapse account hierarchies, and added an option to hide inactive accounts.
  • Date ranges are now super-powered, with more predefined ranges available (“Last 180 days”, etc), but you can also customise the offset and size of most date ranges by shifting them to earlier or later periods. For example, the range “Last Year” can be offset by -1 to get the previous year, or multiplied by 4 to get the last 4 years. These customisations are remembered when switching or memorising graphs and reports.
  • Enhance auto backup settings with the ability to save and keep multiple backups per day, rather than just the last saved per day.
  • More context menus! The right click menu (control-click on Mac) on accounts or transactions now shows more options, including removing/adding accounts to the sidebar, as well as editing, reconciling, adjusting a balance, or opening an account in a new window.
  • Improved restoration of window locations and sizes, especially when using multiple displays.
  • Improved Python scripting window and the included sample code.
  • Mousing over account pickers and most buttons now highlights them to show they are clickable
  • You can now record transaction reminders by pressing command-return (or control-return)
  • Recording a transaction reminder is now undo-able
  • Fixed batch changing of check numbers
  • Properly handle alt and control-clicks correctly on windows, and modifier clicks more consistently throughout the app
  • Fixed truncated Summary Page views
  • Make buy/sell markers on security detail graph better align with price history points
  • Reset security detail graph and summary information when no security is selected in an investment account
  • When batch-changing transaction dates, also change the tax date if it was originally the same as the primary date
  • On Windows and Linux, mouse clicks with modifier keys (control, alt, etc) are now more consistent with platform standards
  • Allow adding categories to the sidebar, but only from the Categories window
  • In the Advanced Find window, searching for cleared/reconciling/uncleared transactions no longer returns transactions for which only the other side of transfers matched the search
  • For type-able account and category fields, the picker popup isn’t displayed as aggressively (ie simply by the cursor being in the field)
  • Faster syncing with iCloud Drive due to a new implementation
  • Include option to edit securities in the account context menu
  • Fix bug (windows only) in which the selected account in MDPlusAccountsPanel showed a big white rectangle instead of the account name
  • Added tooltips for various buttons, notably the split/combined register icon
  • Added the ability to show raw account details from the standard account popup menu
  • No longer try to generate a currency graph if there are no currencies
  • Whether accounts and reports are present in the sidebar is now synced across devices
  • Remove internal print service preloading and caching, which should no longer be needed
  • Fix issue on Windows that sometimes prevented the File->Open menu from working
  • Improvements to Console Window to reveal the locations of special folders such as sync folders, backups, settings, etc. Loading speed is improved when showing large log files.
  • Inactive accounts in the sidebar are now shown greyed out
  • Console log: messages now have timestamps
  • Fixed a bug in which Foresight homepage graph settings are invalid after switching files
  • Clicking the balance label at the bottom right corner of a register now shows additional details about selected transactions
  • In register and summary screen quick-search, you can now search and filter for investment actions (e.g. Buy, SellXfr, etc)
  • Third party extensions can now add items to popup menus for accounts and transactions
  • Third party extensions can now use Moneydance’s internal logging mechanism
  • You can now set investment action filters on various investment-related graphs and reports
  • When reconciling investment accounts, the default target amount is taken from the cash balance of the investment account, not including security values
  • Improved online banking download error messages with actual details of the account and other key information
  • Fixed investment account lot chooser/editor matching when splits are involved
  • When opening a graph or report in a new window (with right-click on its sidebar entry), show a full moneydance window and not just the single graph or report
  • When a register is split, performing a select-all action (command-A or control-A) now only selects transactions in the focused part of the register. If all transactions are already selected, deselect them.
  • Improved mouse click handling in popup windows
  • Fixed Portfolio report to show ROI of zero when all inputs were zero
  • Fixed multiple issues with cost basis and capital gains calculations, with both average cost and lot-based methods. All reports and screens now use the improved and consistent calculations.
  • Capital gains and cost basis reports now highlight negative values in red
  • Cost Basis reports now show a grand total row, with negative values in red
  • Account Balance and Portfolio reports now have options to exclude investment account cash from balance and cost basis calculations
  • Copying report contents to the clipboard now provides the option to copy as html, comma- or tab delimited text, as well as to encode the data for Excel.
  • The Security Performance graph now includes all price changes instead of stopping with the last transaction for the security
  • Improved Summary screen layout so that accounts, reminders, and other long names no longer make the screen too wide to fit the window
  • Fixed transaction search to properly match memo fields
  • Fix bug in which searches for description/payee fields might not catch mismatched splits
  • Pressing return in date fields moves to next field but only if no modifiers are pressed
  • Fixed a bug in Transaction Filter report when no account field was selected in OR mode
  • Fixed a bug in the Capital Gains report for unrealised gains with average cost tracking, which previously returned zero or an incorrect number
  • Fixed occasional text drawing glitch in the quick-search field
  • Include split transaction amounts when searching from the quick-search field
  • Minor improvements to the memorised graphs and reports window
  • Allow transaction sync to continue if a non-decrypt-able file is encountered