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Moneydance 2023.2

We are thrilled to announce the release of Moneydance 2023.2, the latest update to our comprehensive personal finance software. This update includes a large number of small enhancements and various bug fixes to provide a smoother experience.

Available for immediate download for Mac, Windows, and Linux from our site.

Here are the release notes for Moneydance 2023.2:

  • The macOS version of Moneydance is now a universal binary and runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs
  • You can now use emojis anywhere you can enter text, including account and category names and transactions!
  • Improved syncing performance for files with a large number of attachments
  • Improved initial syncing performance by performing many small download operations in parallel
  • A new Undo/Redo system which includes batch changes, file imports, as well as confirming and merging downloaded transactions
  • Implemented atomic balance recalculation, which fixes occasional summary screen issues following updates from background syncing
  • Moneydance now auto-commits scheduled reminders (if enabled) 5 seconds after loading a file, then every 3 hours thereafter
  • Allow selection and deletion of multiple reminders simultaneously
  • When opening an account in a new window, the window is now offset slightly, and its location is reset to the top or left if it would otherwise move off-screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused downloaded transactions not to be added to the register when a currency rate or security price was a non-positive number
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving changes to check printing settings
  • Made a search field tweak to prevent text selection issues in certain circumstances
  • Moneydance now preserves Moneydance+ status across restarts, eliminating the need to refresh from the net immediately after opening a file
  • Made reminder deletion undoable
  • Fixed a bug where the previous version of Moneydance showed a loan’s starting principal in the balance adjustment field
  • When syncing, files uploaded from the same device are no longer downloaded, saving a small amount of bandwidth
  • When syncing to/from mobile devices, Moneydance now re-creates folders that may have been erroneously deleted, rather than failing
  • OFX and Moneydance+ downloads now use a smarter algorithm to determine the ‘last download’ date, preventing issues when an account is reconnected or configured to download from multiple sources
  • If there are too many items in the Moneydance+ Accounts popup, they now overflow to a sub-menu to avoid running off the screen
  • Added Polish złoty to exchange rates
  • Pressing enter/return in a date field now moves the focus to the next field
  • Fixed trial period transaction counting
  • Improved performance and reduced memory usage when switching between files
  • Reduced logging when listing files/folders in Dropbox Connection and iCloud Drive sync methods
  • Recorded more complete investment transaction data downloaded via Moneydance+
  • Fixed a bug that prevented maintaining ‘infinite’ backups
  • Fixed a bug where some Moneydance+ functions could produce an error if there was a delay when loading a file
  • Fixed a bug where “last N days” date range presets incorrectly included the current date
  • Added -nobackup flag to skip performing automatic backups when running from the command-line
  • Fixed the contrast of Foresight graph annotations in dark mode
  • Made the Security Price History report treat date ranges consistently with other reports and graphs
  • On Windows and Linux, Moneydance now allocates a maximum amount of RAM based on the amount available on the computer
  • Reduced unnecessary Moneydance+ console messages
  • Line graphs now (mostly) include zero on the Y-axis for reference. You can always zoom in for more detail by dragging a rectangle on any graph
  • Fixed an issue that caused a dataset with no name to appear in the security performance graph
  • On Windows and Linux, added an option for a user-specific launch options file, overwriting any existing Moneydance.vmoptions