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Moneydance 2017.5, Better, Faster, and Stronger at Managing Your Finances

I’m happy to say that Moneydance 2017.5 is now available for download from our site or the Mac App Store! This version includes a bevy of improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Workaround for file load/save window crash on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Fix issue that duplicated existing transactions after they were changed on a mobile device
  • Fix built-in text file import to not ignore credit_amount and debit_amount fields
  • Fixed issue with online banking/investment connections to Vanguard
  • No longer dismiss the new-file-from-sync window until the initial sync has successfully completed
  • Avoid warning/info messages when custom security subtypes are loaded or changed
  • Handle situations in which synced data can be left inconsistent if Moneydance crashed or was killed before the initial sync completed
  • Ignore some generic prefixes in the description/payee fields for the purposes of finding similar downloaded and local transactions
  • Added encrypted storage and handling of HTTP cookies for OFX connections
  • Added markers showing the date and price of buy or sell transactions on the security detail graph (thanks to James Larus!)
  • Prevent unnecessary modifications which require pushing new data sets to mobile devices and sometimes causing numerous Dropbox modification exceptions
  • Fix bug in which the ‘other amount’ field for a transaction is editable even if the transaction being edited is split
  • Fix bug that auto-set an incorrect historic rate or stock price when manually entering a dividend transaction
  • Dropbox sync uploads now no longer invoke notifications
  • Performance improvements mostly related to investing and currencies with many historical price entries
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for marking selected transactions as uncleared, reconciling, or cleared
  • Updated Linux installers to use the latest Oracle JVM

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for providing feedback and helping us continue to improve Moneydance!