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Moneydance 2012.5

We’re pleased to announce that the fifth (and hopefully final) update to Moneydance 2012 is now available for direct download! We’ve submitted it to the Mac App Store as well, where it will be once approved by Apple.

This is a free update to everyone who has a license for Moneydance 2011 or 2012 and a half-price upgrade for those with earlier versions of Moneydance.

Here are some of the improvements in this update:

  • Brand new archiving mechanism, with an option to keep reminders in the archive file
  • Fixed bug which prevented importing QEM files from the Welcome Window
  • Fixed bug that prevented re-enabling direct-to-dropbox syncing
  • Fixed status message when syncing
  • Fixed bug that prevented connections to a couple of OFX services due to non-OFX certificates
  • Added CA certificate for Thawte OFX services
  • Added command-S (ctrl-S on non-macs) keyboard shortcut to force a save
  • Added option to suppress saving until exiting the app (or shortcut is used)
  • Added retina-capable setting to pre-Lion download (currently doesn’t work with the Lion/MountainLion apps)
  • Fixed bug in which moved or deleted external data files that had previously been opened by Moneydance were re-created
  • Workaround for a bug in which non-downloaded transactions that are marked as downloaded (from an extension) cannot be confirmed
  • Accept files ending with “.moneydancexml” in the File->Open file selector
  • Removed ability to batch-change accounts for transactions in investment accounts

We’re also making great progress on Moneydance 2013 and hope to have a beta release in a few weeks.

As always, an easy way to keep up with Moneydance’s updates, are to follow @moneydance on Twitter or to like us on Facebook.