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Moneydance 2010 is Here!

You cannot imagine how happy I am to announce the first public release of Moneydance 2010. We started the public beta testing a little more than a month and have been furiously adding last minute features and fixing bugs right up until this weekend. I would personally have preferred to continue coding until reaching a state of personal finance nirvana (if such a thing exists), however we now consider the beta stable and we can no longer justify holding back all of the new features from reaching the general public.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new software is the sidebar/source-list that can be used to navigate to any of your accounts, budgets, graphs and reports with a single click. The sidebar shows your account balances in addition to “unread” indicators which mean that marked accounts have pending downloaded transactions.

The unread indicators hint at another big new feature: automatic downloading of transactions in the background. If you set the preference to download transactions in the background Moneydance will, upon startup and every few hours, automatically download transactions from all of your online accounts and put them into your account registers to be accepted. The newly downloaded transactions will be marked as “unread” with a blue dot and can be left as they are, categorized individually (with helpful defaults provided based on previous transactions), or marked as “read” in one fell swoop. This new workflow lets you do as little or as much work as you like on your downloaded transaction information.

Other great features include the nifty new Budget Bars which give you a more detailed graphical view of your budget compliance, a few new reports and graphs as well as more flexible filtering of existing graphs and reports (including by tags).

Customers who purchased Moneydance 2008 will receive a completely free upgrade to MD 2010. If you purchased a license earlier than the Moneydance 2008 release date (March 28th 2008) then you are entitled to a half-price upgrade. Moneydance 2010 will retain the same low price of $39.99 USD. What a bargain!

To download the new version just head on over to our download page!