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Getting the most out of your Moneydance Trial

At Moneydance we understand that different people have different needs from their personal finance software. That’s why we offer a liberal trial so you can decide if our program is right for you.

Our demo version is fully-functional and allows you to manually enter 100 transactions. Imported transactions are not limited. If you decide to purchase Moneydance you can keep all your data, the license key simply unlocks the ability to manually enter more transactions.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Moneydance trial.

1) Import your financial information from other personal finance software

We have online guides to assist with transferring your information from Quicken or MS Money.

For help transitioning from Quicken.

For help transitioning from MS Money. This process is can be more challenging than the transition from Quicken, as there are limitations with the way MS Money exports qif files.

2) Use the Moneydance forums to get advice from Moneydance support and other users

Moneydance offers support to all of our users, even before you purchase our software. If you have questions or need help during your trial period, we invite you to contact our support personnel.

Moneydance support offers both public forums and private support. Browse our forum to see what other users are asking and saying about Moneydance. Forums posts are also answered by Moneydance Support staff. Private support requests are answered by Moneydance Support staff but cannot be viewed by the public, offering security and privacy for your more sensitive requests.

3) Set up online banking with your financial institutions

Check out our list of supported banks If we don’t yet support your bank, you can request we do so by posting to our forum, or contacting our support staff at Please note that not all banks support direct OFX connections, which Moneydance (and other financial software) requires in order to talk directly to a bank.

Most financial institutions will require you to enable your accounts for application-based online banking. Keep in mind that application-based online banking often requires a different login/PIN than the ones that are used for ATM or web-based banking. When you enable your account for access from Moneydance or Quicken, your financial institution should let you know what customer ID/login and PIN to use. Some financial institutions charge a monthly fee for direct OFX connections, and we suggest you check with your bank to discover their policies.

Many banks also permit you to download QFX, OFX or OFC files (aka Quicken or MS Money files) from their website, any of which will import cleanly into Moneydance.

4) Get Specific

Everyone has different needs, so while the above tips are applicable to most users, most people have specific tools and functions which are most important to them. Look at the budgeting, investment, reporting, asset tracking, and graphing tools to make sure that Moneydance will meet your needs.