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Moneydance 2008 final!

It’s been over a year since the first release of Moneydance 2007, and we’re happy to present the final release of Moneydance 2008. Final, that is, until 2008r2 is ready.

The high-level list of changes over Moneydance 2007 are:

  • Improved matching for downloaded transactions
  • Zoom-able home page graph for quickly exploring your income and expenses
  • Undo/Redo support when modifying transactions
  • Over/under budget highlighting in toolbar graph
  • Popup calendar for choosing dates
  • New Capital Gains report

…among many other bug fixes and interface improvements. For the download, just hit the usual place:

Of course we’d like to take a break after this release but there are just too many things on which we’re working. Stay tuned for more impressive features in 2008r2 as well as another unrelated application on which we’ve been working secretly for a while. Can you stand the suspense?!