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Moneydance 2008 beta, build 604

Another beta version of MD 2008 is now available fresh from the oven:

It is likely that this release will be the version that is made public as MD 2008. There are a number of changes that I had hoped to include but that got pushed off to MD2008r2. The most prominent of those included remembering encrypted online banking passwords and one-click downloading of all accounts.

The changes since build 603 are below…

  • Fixed off-by-one date error on historic price calculation
  • No longer attempt to find similar or matching transactions in investment account downloads, fixing #1568
  • Fixed problem with account types being cut off in scrolling account/category popup
  • Minor tweaks to register fields and account popup code
  • Added drag and drop support for importing QIF, QFX, OFX, OFC files. Just drag the file to import into the main MD window or any register window (or onto the MD app icon on mac)
  • Added keystroke (cmd-d/ctrl-d) for downloading transactions from within a register
  • Got rid of icons for extension functions under the Extensions menu
  • Only show file name instead of full path in main window title bar when on a Mac (full path is available by cmd-clicking the proxy icon)
  • Fixed default import settings when we are creating a new data file from a QIF import
  • Got rid of confirm-transaction-changes preference as it is no longer used with new transaction editor
  • Fixed bug where negative actual income and budget amounts were drawn below the 0 axis
  • Increased maximum number of transactions displayed in homepage income/expense graph to 100
  • Transactions shown under homepage income/expense graph are now sorted by date
  • Improved storage of multiple account/category selection in memorized graphs and reports
  • cmd/ctrl-M now minimizes the main window and any secondary frames (but not dialogs)
  • updated built-in documentation
  • Additional/improved shortcuts for date fields including up/down arrows and spinning the month and year
  • Changed popup calendar date chooser to only display upon mouse click in date fields
  • No longer display black rectangle around most-recently-selected transaction (aka the shift-click anchor)
  • Fixed QIF export bug in which the sign of split amounts was reversed
  • Fixed focus issue with transaction register and transaction editor
  • Slight improvements to auto-create transactions behavior

I’d appreciate everyone checking it out and letting me know if you come across any problems in regular use. As usual, the best place to report bugs is