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Moneydance 2007 Now Available!


I am very happy to announce that Moneydance 2007 is now available! The new version can now be downloaded from the main Moneydance download page. The primary improvements over Moneydance 2006 include:

  • Budget graph in the toolbar that shows the state of your income and expenses compared to your budget
  • Net worth history graph in the main toolbar showing the general trend of your finances
  • New budget manager allowing much more flexible budget planning
  • New budget report showing your budget status for multiple time periods side-by-side
  • Improvements to investment portfolio view such as cost basis for individual securities as well as overall cost basis and portfolio value
  • More polished graphing (using JFreeChart) including the ability to zoom in to any portion of the graph and to get information for each point in the graph with a simple swipe of the mouse
  • Additional reports such as Income/Expenses and a true Cash Flow report
  • A new summary graph on the home page that shows an overview of your expenses or income for a period of your choosing, updated instantly
  • A vast number of user interface improvements, making the starting “home page” screen more informative while appearing less cluttered

We’ve also made a huge number of bug fixes – too many to include here.

Please download a copy and tell your friends!