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Moneydance 2007 beta3

Here is the long awaited (well, 12 days) third beta for Moneydance 2007! This release includes a (further) improved budget system and fixes to a bunch of small bugs.

The budget graph now allows you to select the time period (this month, last month, this year, etc) for which your budget status should be graphed and does away with the pro-rated status indicators which seemed to confuse most reasonable people. The graph now remembers the selected budget and time period. The budget report has been given the ability to display budget performance for any given time period and also allows you to break down a budget report into monthly, weekly, quarterly, or yearly intervals and to see your budget status for those intervals side-by-side.

For those who are having printing problems on Linux, please try the installer that includes java below. This version includes Java 6 for Linux which should solve the CUPS printing problem that occurs when using Java 5 (aka Java 1.5)

Below are links to download the full installer for Moneydance 2007 beta3. To submit bugs or feedback, please use our new issue tracking system and make sure to tag any bug reports as applicable to “2007.beta” so that we can fix them before the general release (which will hopefully be in a few hours). Thanks!