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Welcome to our new blog series!

Welcome to our new blog series, “Moneydance in Action.”  I’m Angie, one of the Moneydance support staff.  One of my favorite things about working for Moneydance is that my job is largely location independent, which allows me a lot of flexibility in work and life.  In 8 days I’ll be leaving for a 6 month trip across Europe, and I’ll be using Moneydance to keep my finances in order and blogging about my experiences twice weekly.

I’m visiting at least 12 countries and will be using a minimum of 10 currencies, so we’ll all be getting a crash course in mega multi-currency use.  I’ll be using a zero sum budgeting for the pieces of my trip when I’m moving about frequently, and experimenting with envelope budgeting for the months I’m settled down in one place.  I’ll be detailing how I set up and track my budget, working with multi-currency cash accounts, using the iPhone app in foreign currencies, creating and tracking savings goals, and of course the odd little hacks and tweaks I use to get the program to conform to my (admittedly unusual) life!

In the next few posts I’ll still be in the U.S, and I’ll be detailing how I set up my data file and budget for a trip of this magnitude.  On September 30 I arrive in Iceland, October 7 in England, October 26 in the Netherlands, October 29 in Brussels, and October 31 in Paris.  October’s posts will be devoted to using the iPhone app abroad, using multiple currencies, and a few other surprise topics.

I hope you’ll join me as I take Moneydance on this spectacular test-drive!  Next post I’ll be detailing how I customized Moneydance to better meet my needs.

The information in this blog post is only meant to detail my experience and should not be considered financial advice.