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Customizing my new Investment Account

I’m currently settled down in Budapest through mid-January, and given the severe weather in Europe I’m incredibly glad I don’t need to be traveling right now.  I’m enjoying the beautiful snowy weather, the lovely Christmas market, and most of all the delicious and affordable food! Being settled in and starting to look at my 2011…More »

10 Commandments for Investing

Not coincidentally, I first started paying attention to my investments around the time Moneydance gained support for tracking them. Keeping all of my investment records in Moneydance forced me to pay attention to the transactions, fees and securities. Alan Haft has posted a nicely written set of guidelines for investing that I think are very…More »

Investing Responsibly

Are you proud of where your money is invested? Do you keep your ethics and financial matters separate? If you prefer to put your money where your morals are, you might want to check out the Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign. Found via a post on Money and Values.More »