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Moneydance 2015.4 – Personal Finance, Refined

I’m overjoyed to announce the fourth update to Moneydance 2015! This version is packed full of bug fixes and improvements, many of which were reported or requested by our wonderful customers. We appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to incorporating more of it into future updates! If you’ve purchased Moneydance 2014 or 2015,…More »

Why I love budgeting

Some personal finance blog posts are so amazing they are timeless. That’s how I feel about about Wise Bread senior writer Philip Brewer’s post from April 2010, “If Budgeting Isn’t Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong.” When our customers ask about the proper way to use Moneydance for a non-traditional function I usually offer them a…More »

European Budget 2.0

I’m currently in Milan, enjoying the gorgeous architecture and fabulous fashion. I could quite easily blow the rest of this months budget on clothes, and that isn’t even including the shoes! I’ve been traveling for 2 months with 4 left to go, and I feel like I’m finally getting into the rhythm of long-term travel.…More »

How much does it really cost?

I’m in Brussels today, and I’ve been on the road for 4 weeks.  I’ve visited 7 cities in 3 countries, and it’s been an exciting and wonderful ride. Moneydance support person Jon and I re-connected Wednesday in Rotterdam, and we’re off to Paris on Sunday and Avignon on Monday.  On Monday I arrive in Avignon…More »

Making my budget dance

I’m having a lazy day in Iceland today.  My travel buddy, Jon, is off hiking up a mountain and I decided to spend the day relaxing at the guesthouse and doing some serious window shopping.  I’ve read in several guidebooks  that Icelanders are very into fashion and design.  After spending a few hours walking along…More »