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Some iPhone Love

I can’t tell you how happy I was to find the following words from Apple in my inbox today:

Your application has been approved for sale on the App Store. Pending any application availability issues, your app will be Ready for Sale and live on the App Store within 24 hours.

We at The Infinite Kind, LLC are pleased to announce that Moneydance for iPhone OS is now available for immediate download.

The Moneydance mobile app is a free companion to the desktop version of Moneydance, and is meant to allow entry and modification of transactions while on the go. Accounts, categories and recent transactions are synced to your iPhone or iPod Touch and transactions entered or modified on your mobile device are synced to your desktop once you’re back on the same wifi network as your desktop.

The device syncs via your local network and protects your information using industrial-strength encryption (192-bit DESede; one of the reasons it took so long to release).

Please check it out and send us feedback!