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Moneydance 2015.7 – one more update before the big one

I’m happy to report that we’ve released the seventh update to Moneydance 2015! We’ve made quite a few improvements in this version, including:

  • Improved support for non-western fonts
  • Various fixes to the transactions reports
  • Option to allow the confirmation popup window to be docked next to the register, a la Moneydance 2014
  • Upgraded security settings for connections
  • Performance improvements in the budgeting interface

If you’ve purchased Moneydance 2014 or 2015, then this update is completely free. Anyone who purchased an older version of Moneydance gets a 50% off the regular price when upgrading through the website; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer. As usual, we never force you to upgrade Moneydance: old versions will continue working for just as long as you like. We never “sunset” features or services, so if you purchase Moneydance you won’t end up on a never-ending upgrade treadmill.

You can download Moneydance 2015 from our website to get the latest release. If you don’t mind a few minor restrictions (such as not having the extension/plugin installer) you can even purchase Moneydance on the Mac App Store once this update has made its way through the review process.

As always, we welcome your feedback as we work to make Moneydance more amazing! You can get in touch with us by email at or online at’s the exhaustive list of all the changes in this update:

  • Sort similar payees by score before adding to the downloaded transaction match panel
  • Updated Portuguese and Brazilian/Portuguese translations (thanks Sara Borges!)
  • Fixed bug where number of shares wasn’t updated when creating a stock split until the program was restarted.
  • Add approved certificate authorities for OFX connections
  • Meet BB&T connection requirements (TLSv1 only, no negotiation) but use protocol negotiation for all other connections
  • Improved debugging tool for https connections
  • Credit cards accounts can now also accept all banking data.
  • Fix budget list sorting in various places.
  • The new budget table now no longer recalculates the actual and budgeted values for each table cell every time it is redrawn, thus saving many kilowatts worth of CPU and making the interface feel so much snappier.
  • Fixed blank labels on compounding period for securities
  • Fix issue where CREDITLINE accounts could not be imported into internal credit card accounts.
  • More user-friendly error message if there are low-level issues loading a data file.
  • Change reconcile window beginning balance to be a label instead of an input field, so it’s obviously uneditable.
  • Save size and location of pre-reconcile window.
  • When auto-completing split transactions, tags from the splits are now copied to the new transaction
  • Fix for weirdness related to rounding/truncating of budget amounts causing strange behaviour in the budget mini-graphs
  • Tweaks to transaction details sidebar and preference setting
  • Use the (slightly looser) default acceptable versions of SSL/TLS when connecting to banks (required for Los Alamos)
  • Fix calculation of mixed interval budgets based on past history. (note: the budget detail panel still doesn’t automatically refresh after editing a mixed interval budget)
  • Remove space for “yes” string in Danish translation which made it ridiculously difficult to delete non-empty accounts or categories
  • Make the code that checks for the confirmation string ignore leading or trailing whitespace
  • Enable type-to-complete in loan account setup for interest and escrow account choosers.
  • Fix the way memos are saved on splits in register. The old description was being copied into the memo incorrectly.
  • Fix: We weren’t reading file encodings correctly when importing OFX files
  • Sometimes debugging info wasn’t showing in logs when it should have been
  • Fix error when setting up online banking after upgrading rom pre-2015 versions of Moneydance (regression from build 1302)
  • Use different Client UIDS when different user accounts connect to the same bank via OFX. This should solve the problem with connections to Chase when multiple user accounts are used in the same data file. In theory.
  • Subtotal categories on budget report.
  • Fix memo display when editing split transactions.
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks to Livio Bertacco!)
  • Fix Transaction Filter report not always showing description correctly in two-line mode.
  • Fix tags on splits in Transaction Filter report.
  • Automatic backups were firing twice on Macs in some circumstances. Fixed.
  • Now use the Archives folder as the default backup location.
  • Fix initial hight balance on transactions report.
  • Fix highlight problem with payees in bill pay window.
  • Fix auto-selection of online payee when sending payments from transaction reminders
  • Extra automatic backups weren’t getting cleaned up as expected. Fixed.
  • Improve support for Hebrew and many Asian language fonts.
  • Ensure that only investment accounts show up in Investment Performance report.
  • Remove Archive function, as it never helps in the current form
  • Fix NPE in Security Detail panel.
  • Force Fifth-Third Bank connection setup process to show download-enabled bank accounts as options for online bill payment
  • Put the payee popup/completion widget into the proper fields when editing the other side of a transaction
  • Support increased refreshing of OFX service information
  • Make sure backup runs when switching data sets.
  • Add null check to backup location selection dialog on windows.