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Moneydance 2015.2 – bug fixes galore

I must admit, the initial release of Moneydance 2015 was rocky. There were far more bugs than I’m comfortable having shipped. It was embarrassing for me and made using Moneydance difficult for our customers. This update, version 2015.2, brings stability back to Moneydance.

For a limited time, we’ve made available an RSS feed that shows improvements and changes as they are made. For a simple text version, click here. This just to show that we’re continuing to improve Moneydance at a faster pace than ever.

If you purchased Moneydance 2014 or 2015, then this update is completely free. Anyone who purchased an older version of Moneydance gets an immense 50% off the regular price when upgrading through the website; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer.

Below is a list of the improvements in this update:

  • Many fixes for Dropbox syncing
  • Fix crash when starting Moneydance on some Mac OS X configurations
  • Fix intermittent problems with opening Moneydance on Windows (32bit)
  • Fix bug that prevented migrating Quicken Essentials data
  • Fix bug that prevented attachments from being deleted
  • Fix data duplication in some instances when upgrading from a previous version
  • Improve performance and lower RAM usage
  • Fix duplicate downloaded transactions
  • Fix reminders for every N months reverting to every month
  • No longer ask to save a transaction twice when another transaction is selected while there are pending changes to the selected transaction
  • Fix issue with iOS and Android apps showing the wrong currency for accounts and when entering transactions
  • Fix report and graph memorisation
  • Fix import problems with Text Importer extension
  • Fix loan account reminder creation
  • Add status bar updates when syncing and saving occurs
  • Fix currency/security snapshots and splits going missing (should restore lost ones)
  • Improve graph quality for retina displays
  • Fix Account Balances report when an as-of date is set
  • Fix hide on homepage setting not being honored
  • Sort currencies and securities alphabetically on the summary screen
  • Sort online payees alphabetically in the online bill payment window
  • Fix the creation of an initial transfer transaction upon creating/editing a loan account
  • Budget status table is now refreshed properly when editing budget items
  • Make error message when clicking cancel when prompted for a password human-readable
  • Fix lower-casing of autocompleted tags
  • Fixed inability to create new reminders from the calendar context menu
  • Prevent duplicated (and triplicated!) transactions when importing from QIF
  • Fix bug where new automatically created security accounts under investment accounts (such as when downloading/importing via ofx/qfx) would name the sub-account with the security ID rather than the security name.