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Moneydance 2008r2

After many months in “preview” release mode, the first update to Moneydance 2008 is finally here! This update has a large number of bug fixes and feature improvements, including the following:

  • Added option to store online passwords in the data file when file encryption is enabled
  • Added GTE Cybertrust certificate which is used for new American Express OFX server
  • Added display of cash balance, number of shares and value of shares to investment accounts on home page
  • Fixed automatic entry of new security prices from a non-base-currency investment account
  • Added preference setting to determine date window for potential matches to downloaded transactions
  • Added currency symbols and “(Expenses)” label in cash flow reports
  • Select the account under the cursor when right-clicking in the account or category list
  • Internal URL handler now opens http: and https: URLs in an external browser
  • Added popup display of splits and other information for the transaction under the mouse cursor when holding down the alt key
  • Increased contrast in Net Worth toolbar graph
  • Colors for same data sets in pie and line graphs now match
  • Visual improvements to graphs
  • Updated German, French and Italian translations
  • Filter capital gains report by date. Also display a message instead of a blank report if there were no gains for the selected date range
  • Income/Expenses thermometer graph now avoids jumping down a level when there is only one category in the thermometer if that one category actually has transactions
  • Updated transaction status icons to include an ‘s’ showing whether a transaction is part of a split
  • Setting the correct exchange rate for downloaded transactions that are initially assigned to categories with a different currency
  • Fixed a handful of bugs in the income/expenses graph on the summary screen
  • Fixed bug that prevented elimination of previously matched transactions from download list
  • Fixed NullPointerException error if the OFX authentication window is canceled
  • Capital Gains report now shows correct total line instead of zero
  • Reminders window now refreshes the list of reminders after a reminder has been edited
  • Removed confirmation for changing transaction status using the register’s context menu
  • No longer show non-reinvested dividend transactions in cost basis reports
  • Account balance graph now shows average of end-of-day balances instead of the balance after each and every transaction
  • If an existing transaction in the register has the same FI transaction ID as a downloaded transaction but the amount is incorrect or the date is off by more than 15 days then assume the transaction ID is incorrect and they are different transactions.
  • Fixed alignment of popup calendar when displayed in small windows such as reminder notifications
  • Fixed window layout and behavior when adding an extension that does not have a trusted signature

If you have installed the Moneydance Updater extension you should automatically be notified of the new version, otherwise you can download it here:

As always please let us know if you have any trouble updating. There are many options for getting help on our support page