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Moneydance 2008 beta

Apologies for the infrequent blog postings, but this one should be worth the wait. Moneydance 2008 is now into its public beta stage of release which means that we think it might be ready for general use and there’s only a few more small changes to be made before the full release.

The current version beta is build 602 and was uploaded to moneydance last night. This is the third bug-fix release of the beta series and included the following changes over build 601:

  • GUI date-picker for all date fields
  • Fixed bugs when editing transaction reminders
  • Slightly fade the rest of the register when editing a transaction
  • Fixed bug that bypassed normal shutdown process when closing the main window
  • Switched back to the curly style thermometer graph zoomer and added some lickable enhancements
  • Fix ‘growing account popup’ problem for vertical growth, at least
  • Added helpful text to register quick-search field when empty

Build 601 included the following changes over 600:

  • Fixed bug that prevented creation of new transaction reminders
  • Fixed foreground color of main account popup
  • Fixed calculation and display (in budget editor) of budget entries for non-categories. Budget entries for regular accounts (investment, bank, cc, loan, asset and liability) no longer apply to sub-accounts.
  • Show appropriate increase/decrease labels in reminder transaction editor
  • Fixed calculation of investment transaction total amount when there is a fee and the txn type is a SellXfr or a Short
  • File saving now writes to a temporary file and then renames the temp file to the main file after writing has successfully completed. No more EOFException when (auto)file saving is interrupted by a crash.
  • Fixed cmd-Y/ctrl-Y hotkey to synchronize tax dates and regular dates in transaction entry
  • No longer add asterisk to title bar when there is unsaved data if we’re on a mac
  • Dimmed transaction register while editing a transaction
  • Fixed bug that prevented online transaction ID for downloaded transaction from being attached to local transactions. This is what caused the little ‘i’ to not appear on transactions that were downloaded.
  • Txn editor in register now fully closes (cancels) when the register is filtered
  • Added java property (“moneydance.checknum_series_threshold”) to allow people to tell MD to look a specified number of days backwards when finding the previous check number.
  • Fixed bug that made already-matched transactions appear as default options when they should be low-possibility options.

Build 600 had too many changes to list, so I’ll use the time saved to go work on the documentation.

[update: I guess I should provide the download URL]