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The Infinite Kind Blog

Bring on 2021!

Hello Moneydancers! We think you’re really going to love today’s update to your favourite privacy-preserving financial software. Today we have a beautiful fresh appearance with rounded rectangles, antialiasing, and a generally smoother experience, but the changes aren’t only skin deep. We have a massively improved syncing engine with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that no matter how you sync between devices you need not worry about anyone getting a peek at your precious financial data.

In addition, our embedded browser has had a major behind-the-scenes upgrade which will let it work with many more banks to access your transactions directly from within Moneydance, even if the bank has no online banking other than their web site. The best part is that you don’t need to give up any privacy or allow your banking data to flow through any faceless corporations. With Moneydance, your data is never accessible by anyone but you and your banks.

Available for immediate download from our site and very soon from the Mac App Store and Windows Store.

  • App-wide interface refresh
  • Massive improvements to embedded browser functionality
  • Automatic importing of transaction files from embedded browser
  • Syncing performance and reliability improvements (iCloud coming soon)
  • Smoother process for importing from all downloaded account types
  • We no longer register as an editor for the .md file extension. We used it first, but now it’s Markdown’s turn
  • Low-level syncing fixes including dealing with future-dated changes
  • Increased tolerance for invalid values in downloaded files (including DTSTART tags)
  • Welcome Window is now interactive if returning from a canceled password prompt or other failed file loading
  • Improved default printed check layout format
  • Improved scroll bar UI auto-hiding
  • No longer use a monospaced font for amount column table headers in the account/category windows
  • No longer include base-currency history when determining the date range for a currency/security history graph
  • Updated and added bundled python libraries