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Big Update: 2007 release 2

It’s been a long time coming, but the first public update to Moneydance 2007 is now here. This update includes a bunch of new features and a lot of bug fixes or minor interface improvements. If you are already running Moneydance you can click on the “check for new updates/extensions” link on the main screen or the updater extension.

This update is free for everyone who has purchased a license on or after January 1, 2004. The upgrade is half price ($15) for all other customers and a paltry $29.99 for everyone else. Of course, we have a free download and a very liberal trial period to let you get a good feel for what Moneydance can do before committing.

Some of the highlights of the update:

  • Added print function in account and category list windows
  • Added Open Recent sub-menu with recently opened files
  • Added non-prorated budget interval option
  • Added batch change feature to quickly change certain fields for many transactions at once
  • Improved matching algorithm for downloaded transactions
  • Improved interface for editing split transactions
  • Many minor interface improvements and bug fixes

For the full list of changes, click the read more link below.

  • Added print function in account and category list windows
  • Added Open Recent sub-menu with recently opened files
  • Fixed calculation of some budget item intervals
  • Incorporated full German translation from project Geldtanz
  • Allow matching of investment transactions with invalid CUSIP IDs to the correct security
  • Use newer account selectors in account and category properties windows
  • Accounts and categories are immediately re-sorted after being changed
  • Removed redundant file window when the File->Import OFX/OFC menus are selected
  • Improved conversion of OFX investment transactions into Moneydance investment transactions
  • Made it so that both the backspace and delete key will delete a transaction in the register
  • Fixed problem with +/- buttons in budget window not appearing properly on windows
  • Reversed sign on balance display for income category register
  • No longer confirm unsaved transaction changes if the don’t-confirm-transaction-changes option is set
  • Updated certificate handling to accept Hewitt and Fidelity certificates
  • Many minor GUI updates
  • Added initial Persian/Farsi translation from Moin Ayazifar
  • Added non-prorated budget interval option
  • Allow bypassing the change-PIN part of setting up an OFX connection
  • Fixed bug where the fee was being deducted from sell transactions improperly
  • Added batch change feature to quickly change certain fields for many transactions at once
  • Added account balance popup/overlay to bank and credit card registers
  • Fixed sort order for investment transactions in list of pending downloaded transactions
  • Made scroll wheels work in account/category popups
  • Account sections on home page will now remember their expanded/collapsed state
  • Made online transactions marked as DEBIT, but with positive amounts, be recorded as negative
  • Transaction report now sorts by date, check#, and then amount
  • For dividend reinvestment transactions, the fee is now included as part of the dividend amount instead of being taken from the cash balance
  • Fix bugs in and improve transaction matching when attempting to locate similar transactions from which to copy the payee and category
  • Switched to the built-in java URL connection handler which includes proxy support
  • Added new OFX certificate from Verisign. This fixes a problem connecting to Florence Savings Bank or any bank that doesn’t include the new cert in its cert chain.
  • Improved the display of investment transactions in the list of downloaded transactions
  • Embedded downloaded investment transactions list in investment register
  • Use new investment transaction editor for downloaded transactions. This allows users to change the transaction type or any other settings before recording the transaction.
  • Reduced limit on number of items displayed in upcoming reminders window
  • Excludes transactions after the “end” date from the quick-view net worth graph
  • Improved matching algorithm for downloaded transactions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Moneydance from working properly when categories that were referenced in budgets were deleted
  • Added mnemonics to menus
  • Portfolio panel now updates when a security within that portfolio changes
  • Reset transaction download synchronization when online banking is disabled for an account
  • Added ability for extensions to add property fields when editing accounts
  • Bill payment connections will now submit new payments as part of synchronization requests
  • Fixed bug in which report text was cut off vertically if the user’s default font size was greater than normal
  • Added price field to the add-security/currency window
  • Fixed minor bug and improved performance in monthly calendar display
  • For transactions that have security prices, add the price to the security history if it isn’t already there
  • Fixed bug that caused new currencies with something other than two decimal places to not be able to parse and format amounts properly until a restart
  • Will now continue reading OFX response, even if an HTTP error code was reported in order to get a more detailed error message
  • Fixed focus issue with edit-splits window and transaction editing in general
  • Made split totals update as the amounts are typed
  • Fixed net worth calculation by applying stock split ratios to all graphed transaction values
  • Switched second two colors in the thermometer graph to aid visibility