Moneydance Extensions

Balance Predictor

download v101 The Infinite Kind (with community contributions) This extension attempts to calculate and graph the future balance of an account based on past transactions and scheduled reminders.

CSV Importer

download v22 Milutin Jovanović, Stan Towianski Import transactions from multiple download formats, including: Discover card, VISA, your private bank, etc. You can denote columns such as -Payment-, -Deposit-, date, amount, memo, etc. Your file is tested, giving you a list of all the readers that can handle your file. Importing does matching to skip duplicate entries.

Debt Insights

download v11 Robert Schmid Tools for Analyzing Credit Card and Loan Accounts together as related Debt Accounts

Extra Investment Reports

download v201 Dale Furrow Reports on investment performance, and generates a raw data dump to CSV at a user-specified location.

Find and Replace

download v1215 The Infinite Kind and Friends A handy tool for cleaning up or reorganizing your data or ad hoc reporting. This extension requires Moneydance 2015 or greater to function. Please send feedback to

Import List

download v14 Florian J. Breunig Import List monitors a folder and displays its transaction files in Moneydance's homepage view where you can easily click to import or delete them.

Money Foresight

download v53 Mahana Road Software Ltd Money Foresight provides tools to forecast your future account balances and review your past spending. See for more details.


download v1016 Raging Coders MoneyPie provides an envelope budgeting interface built atop Moneydance's budgeting system. MoneyPie highlights how your actual spending compares to your budget so you can dynamically adjust and balance your budget

Moneydance Updater

download v508 The Infinite Kind Checks for updates to Moneydance and notifies you when a new version is available

PayPal Importer

download v7 Florian J. Breunig Imports transactions from PayPal Premier or Business accounts into Moneydance.

Python Interactive Interface

download v500 The Infinite Kind and Friends This is an extension that provides a Python interface to Moneydance.

Quote Loader

download v3027 Mike Bray Loads security prices directly from an online source. Please restart Moneydance after installing.

Quotes and Exchange Rates Updater

download v1024 The Infinite Kind and Friends This is an extension that downloads security price quotes and exchange rates from Yahoo and Google

Ratio Calculator

download v1035 The Infinite Kind and Friends Show a custom list of ratios or percentages on your home page. Examples include savings rate, debt-to-income ratio, or debt to assets. For Moneydance 2011 or later.

Security Price Entry

download v103 The Infinite Kind and Friends Provides a quicker and easier way to enter recent prices for multiple securities

Stock Glance

download v9 James Larus Home page component to display active stock prices.

Text Import

download v103 The Infinite Kind and Friends This is an extension that allows you to import formatted text files into Moneydance.

To download extensions for versions of Moneydance prior to 2015, see this page.