Class TabularTextImportSpec


public class TabularTextImportSpec
extends java.lang.Object
Class that specifies how tabular text data should be imported.
Moneydance 2017.3 build 1605
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    • toString

      public java.lang.String toString()
      toString in class java.lang.Object
    • duplicate

      public TabularTextImportSpec duplicate()
      Create a copy of this import specification. This is helpful if you want to perform a test scan of some date. You can duplicate this spec, then set preScanMode to true for the copy, then run the import. The import process will change the settings in the copy if it detects better parameters when running the import. You can then call takeSettingsFrom(copyOfSpec) to copy the changed parameters back into this object to be used for the actual import.
    • takeSettingsFrom

      public void takeSettingsFrom​(TabularTextImportSpec otherSpec)
    • getBook

      public AccountBook getBook()
    • getUIProxy

      public getUIProxy()
    • getAccount

      public Account getAccount()
    • setAccount

      public void setAccount​(Account account)
    • setFields

      public void setFields​(java.util.List<ImportFieldType> importFields)
    • getFields

      public java.util.List<ImportFieldType> getFields()
    • getPreScanMode

      public boolean getPreScanMode()
      Get whether or not the import should actually make any changes to the local data. For test passes on the data this can be set to false and the importer may be queried to get the fields that it thinks are correct for any given input.
    • setPreScanMode

      public void setPreScanMode​(boolean newPreScanMode)
      Set whether or not the import is in "pre scan" mode - that is, where it scans the data, attempting to discover delimiters, date formats, decimal points, and field types without adding any transactions or making changes to the local data.
    • getShouldMergeTransactions

      public boolean getShouldMergeTransactions()
    • setShouldMergeTransactions

      public void setShouldMergeTransactions​(boolean shouldMergeTransactions)
    • getShouldConfirmTransactions

      public boolean getShouldConfirmTransactions()
    • setShouldConfirmTransactions

      public void setShouldConfirmTransactions​(boolean shouldConfirmTransactions)
    • getDataSourceType

      public ImportDataSourceType getDataSourceType()
    • setDataSourceType

      public void setDataSourceType​(ImportDataSourceType dataSource)
      Set the source of data for this import, which Moneydance uses to make decisions about the import. For example, with DOWNLOADED data we attempt to merge duplicates and automatically categorise transactions in a way that is different from data that is migrated from another file, which often already has category information and has different kinds of duplicates.
    • getDateFieldOrder

      public ImportDateFieldOrder getDateFieldOrder()
    • setDateFieldOrder

      public void setDateFieldOrder​(ImportDateFieldOrder dateFieldOrder)
    • getDelimiter

      public char getDelimiter()
    • setDelimiter

      public void setDelimiter​(char delimiter)
    • getDecimalPoint

      public char getDecimalPoint()
    • setDecimalPoint

      public void setDecimalPoint​(char decimalPoint)